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Welcome to Hootie Limited trading as Zenory. This site allows ourcustomers to engage in services at and via its associated sites:

This site (and its associated sites) is for entertainment purposes.By accessing and using the customer sections of the sites, you, the customer provide your agreement tothe terms and conditions as outlined below and agree to be bound by them. The customer is totally responsible for ensuring that they read and understand the terms and conditions prior to enteringthe sites and using the services.

1. Joining Zenory

1.1. When joining Zenory, “you” the customer will be required to register as a user and provideall details required in the registration form including valid credit card details forpayment for services.

1.2. By joining Zenory, you confirm and warrant that you:

1.2.1. Have provided accurate, complete and honest information as requested inour registration form.

1.2.2. Are over the age of 18 years old.

1.2.3. Have the responsibility to protect your account details including your password andunderstand that you will be responsible for all of your interactions using youraccount.

1.2.4. Agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and conduct requirements of this website.

1.3. Are only eligible to sign up for one account with Zenory. Wheremultiple accountsare identified, Zenory reserves the right to suspend allduplicate accounts until the identity of each account holder is confirmed.

1.4. If you discover that your account has been compromised or hacked, you mustimmediately notify us so that all activity on your account can be suspended until thematter is investigated and resolved fully.

1.5. Any information you provide during the registration process will be held according to our privacy policy.

1.6. Zenory may suspend or terminate any customer account at its sole discretion and without warning at any time.

2. Services

2.1. The services provided in this website are purely for entertainment purposes. The services do not constitute legal, financial, medical or any other professional advisory services.

2.2. Zenory does not manipulate the reading sessions exchanged or accepts any responsibility whatsoever for the content, safety, timeliness, accuracy,quality, appropriateness, legality or applicability of such information.

2.3. Readers are independent contractors and not employees of Zenory.Readers have no authority to act on behalf of or in any way bind Hootie Limited trading as Zenory inany manner whatsoever.

2.4. Zenory provides a means by which customers can connect with readers and facilitates smooth communication between the two independent parties.

2.5. Customers have the ability to provide feedback and rating about their experience and interactions with thereaders. Zenory reserves the right to remove any feedback or ratings thatappears to be of a malicious nature.

2.6. Zenory may from time to time monitor the services and reading sessions toassist with the introduction of new developments or assist with correcting any flawsin the communication platforms. However such monitoring will not under anycircumstances be for the purposes of assessing or otherwise endorsing theinformation or opinions expressed by the readers.

3. Customer Conduct

3.1. By entering this site, you agree to the following:

3.1.1. That you will at all times comply with the website terms and conditions.

3.1.2. That you will only contact a readerthrough the communication channelsmade available via this website.

3.1.3. That you take full responsibility for the identification of the readerand anyjudgment regarding the reader’squalifications, experience and or expertise.

3.1.4. That you will treat all other users with respect and will not under anycircumstances harass, abuse, threaten, defame or otherwise engage inunprofessional behaviour. Any instances of the foregoing will result inimmediate suspension or termination of your account and loss of any pre paidcredit.

3.1.5. That you will not take any steps to attempt to manipulate customer feedbackand ratings.

3.1.6. That you will not use the site for any unlawful purpose.

3.1.7. That you will not cause any damage to the website, attempt to hack or otherwiseaccess other user or readerdetails or attempt to gain access to anyinformation held on the website or by Zenory which is intentionallyunavailable.

4. Pricing Structures

4.1. Customers will have an account with Zenory where they can pre purchasecredit to be used when they engage the services of a reader. The customerauthorises Zenory to deduct fees from his or her account for services rendered by the readers.

4.2. Pre paid credit will remain credited to the customer’s account for a period of 18months from purchase. If the customer’s account is not accessed for a continuousperiod of 18 months, or if the account is suspended or terminated due to misuse ormalicious behaviour, such credits will be forfeit.

4.3. In the event that a reading session exceeds any pre paid balance; the readingsession will end until further credit is obtained. Customers can only engage in a reader’sservice when they have a positive balance in their account.

4.4. Customer is responsible for the charges using their cellular phones or mobile devices or dataplans. We recommend the customer to check with theirtelecommunications provider to confirm any additional charges. Zenory accepts no liability for any additional charges whatsoever.

4.5. Service rates will be agreed between the reader and the customer prior to the active reading session given (either as advertised or during discussions) with phone andchat communications being charged on a pay per minute basis. The customer’s accountwill be charged immediately at the end of every active reading session.

4.6. All charges to a customer’s credit card will be made in New Zealand Dollars NZD.

4.7. Any charges will be based on the time recorded on the communications network and no disputes regarding charges (except in the case ofmanifest error) will be entertained.

5. Disclaimer

5.1. This site is purely for entertainment purposes only.

5.2. Zenory accepts no responsibility for the reading sessions given by any of the readers nor does it guarantee the qualifications or experience of any of the readers.All readers are independent contractors and not employees of Zenory. Any judgmentregarding the reading sessions is solely the customer’s responsibility.

5.3. Zenory accepts no liability for any harm whatsoever suffered or claimed to besuffered by any customer as a result of their reliance upon the reading given by areader or their use of this site and will under no circumstances be liable in any wayincluding for payment of any damages to any person whatsoever for, arising from, orrelating to, their use of this site.

5.4. Zenory will use its best endeavours to ensure the smooth running of the sitehowever does not guarantee that all readers will be available at all times, nor does it guarantee that all calls will be connected due to matters out of its control.

5.5. The readings given on this site is not intended to be a substitution for any professional service such as accounting, legal, financial, medical or other professional advisory service of any kind whatsoever.

6. Indemnity

6.1. By entering this site, the customer indemnifies and holds nothing against Zenory for any losses, damages or other harm suffered (including any legal costs, claims,losses and damages) resulting from the customer’s use of the site.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1. This agreement will be governed by the Laws of New Zealand and the parties agreeat all times to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand.

7.2. The customer shall be liable for any costs or charges incurred as a result of anyaction required by Zenory to recover unpaid charges and payments(including interest and collection fees of any nature whatsoever).

7.3. The terms and conditions may be updated at any time at the sole discretion ofZenory. Any new or amended terms and conditions will come into effect onthe date they are introduced.

7.4. Any failure by Zenory to enforce any provision of these terms and conditionsdoes not constitute a wavier of that provision and any provision which is rendered unenforceable or invalid for any reason, will not affect the validity or enforceability ofany other provision.

7.5. All matters relating to the sites, and terms and conditions, should be in writing and emailed to: